2019 Candidate Questionnaire Responses

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Denver’s Municipal Election

Mayor’s Race & Several Council Races Headed to June 3 Run-Off

On May 7 Denver voters cast ballots to choose 13 city council members, a mayor, an auditor, and a city clerk and
recorder to serve for the next four years. While the outcomes of some races were clearly determined with candidates securing more than 50% of the votes, other races will be determined in a June 3 run-off between the top two vote-recipients.  Run-offs will be held for the Mayor, Council District 1, Council District 3, Council District 5, Council District 9 and Council District 10.

The stakes are high in these municipal elections because our elected officials have extraordinary power in establishing a
vision, setting policy, appointing people to regulatory boards and commissions, making zoning and land use decisions, and
allocating resources. Issues around growth, development and changing neighborhoods will be front and center.  This election cycle offers a big opportunity to raise awareness of historic preservation in Denver’s cultural, economic development and quality of life conversations.

Though Historic Denver doesn’t endorse candidates, we take our responsibility to educate candidates about issues that affect
historic preservation very seriously. In turn, we are committed to communicating their positions on these issues to our members and stakeholders. Click on the following candidates to see a PDF with their responses to our 2019 candidate questionnaire:

Mayoral Run-Off
Jamie Giellis
Michael B. Hancock

District 1 Run-Off
Amanda Sandoval
Michael Somma

District 3- Run-Off
Veronica Barela
Jamie Torres

District 5 Run-Off
Amanda Sawyer
Mary Beth Susman

District 9- Run-Off
Albus Brooks
Candi CdeBaca

District 10- Run-Off
Wayne New
Chris Hinds

*Historic Denver does not endorse any candidates. We are committed to encouraging a fair and transparent election.

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