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Packard’s Hill Proposed Historic District

A group of residents are working together to create a new historic district in Northwest Denver – one that would join Ghost, Wolff Place, Witter-Cofield and Potter Highlands in achieving historic district status. This proposed district would encompass the west side of Lowell Boulevard to Osceola Street, and north of 32nd Avenue to 35th Avenue.

The proposed historic district encompasses three of the original West Highland subdivisions: Packard’s Hill, Highland Place, and First Addition to Highland Place. The Packard’s Hill subdivision was platted in 1887 by William C. Packard and Charles L. Hoffman.

In 2016, Historic Denver received a State Historical Fund grant to research and survey the neighborhood. Working with Front Range Research Associates, we have helped the neighborhood discover the people and places that make this part of Denver so unique. Additionally, the architectural character of the neighborhood is remarkably intact, highlighting the development of the area from 1886 – 1940.

Denver’s 52 historic districts enhance our City’s unique identity, quality of life, and economic vitality. This is a fantastic opportunity for Packard’s Hill to join them as the 53rd historic district, telling the story of pioneering families that moved across the river, civic-minded women that pushed for equal rights, and working class families that shaped the city into what we know today.

Learn more about the historic district effort and how you can help by visiting the Packard’s Hill website today!