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Denver murals named to list of most endangered historic places in America

In 2018 Historic Denver began a partnership with Chicano/a/x Murals of Colorado Project (CMCP) to help preserve murals important to Denver’s cultural heritage. Supported through Historic Denver’s Action Fund, phase one implementation of this project will focus on preserving four of the earliest murals in the La Alma Lincoln Park Neighborhood.

Why It Matters

Select murals located in Denver’s La Alma Lincoln Park neighborhood reflect the history and culture of the longtime Chicano population in the area. In May 2022, the National Trust for Historic Preservation put these murals, and similar works statewide, on its list of the most endangered historic places in America.

Historic Denver’s Role

Historic Denver’s Action Fund will fund the use of a shielding product on three exterior murals to prevent further deterioration. It will also help to fund interpretive signage for the murals, and through our collaboration with CMCP we’re exploring options for tools and policies that would provide longer-term legal protections from these community artworks.


The Chicano/a/x Murals of Colorado Project is a grassroots effort to protect, promote, and preserve the ongoing legacy of Chicano/a murals in Colorado. Chicano murals are a key component of Colorado’s visual heritage and are under threat due to the murals’ age, exposure to the elements, and ongoing development and displacement in neighborhoods tied for years to the Chicano population. Learn more about the project and the specific murals.

Get Involved

The Chicano/a/x Murals Project of Colorado is a grassroots non-profit and is leading the preservation efforts. You can bolster our partnership by visiting and by completing this on-line form so you can stay in the loop!

Updated May 2022

La Alma Recreation Center

If you are interested in helping preserve these historic murals — an important part of Denver’s cultural heritage from the 1970s — please express your support on the CMCP call to action. Or, make a donation here!