Larimer Square Walking Tour Training Materials

Hello 2016 Historic Denver Docents!  This page has been created to host your reading assignments, post presentations from class and share additional information that may be helpful when giving the Larimer Square Walking Tour!

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Read Denver’s Larimer Street: Main Street, Skid row and Urban Renaissance, by Tom Noel – View excerpts.
(Note: I can’t seem to rotate two of the pages.)

Dana Crawford: 50 Years Saving the Soul of a city, by Mike McFee – View excerpts.

Getting to Know Denver: five fabulous walking tours, by Francis Pierson – View excerpts.

These books can be borrowed from the Denver Public Library, and we have a copy of the Noel book in our office you can also check out.


History of Larimer Square presentation created by Joe Sokolowski and presented by Shannon Schaefer.

Architecture for Everyone: The Larimer Way, created and presented by Tom Sanders


Photograph page with each tour stop.

Tour route map.

Historic Photograph Links from Denver Public Library:

Old Denver City Hall:
Denver City Hall War, 1894:
City Hall War Photograph,
City Hall War looking toward Cherry Creek:

Graham Building, photographed by William Chamberlain (photographer with studio in this building):
Circa 1860-1866 photograph,
Circa 1870-1880 photograph,

Larimer Street, circa 1870s. Church is around 14th and Lawrence St.:

Cadillac Ranch Restaurant, circa 1993,

Crawford Building, Gallup-Stanbury Building, circa 1980-1990s:

Hope Hotel, circa 1985:

G.W. Clayton 2 – story building constructed around 1860 before the Granite building was constructed in 1882:

Tabor Block, circa 1880-1890,

Daniels and Fisher Department Store, 1968-1970, before wings were demolished:

Various Links to Images of Larimer Square:

Note this perspective is wrong, but will provide information about the photograph:
This is the correct perspective image of above, click HERE.

Lincoln Hall, circa 1995:

Larimer Street View with 1870s building facades:

View of Larimer Square in 1960s-70s?, photographs not dated:

Dana on Larimer Street:
15th and Larimer St:

Kettle Arcade Mural Image from Getty Images:
Artist: Donald Harvey & Dan Gundlach; 1988

Images from Chris’ collections, printed by Diane and Ruth:
Apollo Hall
City Hall
Urban Renewal (DPL link above)
Larimer St with Ox Carts
Katherina Murat
Mining Exchange
Tabor Block (correct address: 16th and Larimer/Lawrence St)
Stout Cabin (location of Old City Hall)

Additional Information:

Research done by Charlotte Rocha, click HERE.
Research done by Shannon Schaefer, click HERE.

Havey Productions, Denver History Minute #11: Larimer Square,
Larimer Square Website – History:
Larimer Square’s Self Guided Tour pamphlet:
Larimer Square Interactive Timeline for their 50th Anniversary:
Also a building timeline:
Denver Post article: “Larimer Square: Denver’s History Carved in Granite” (2011),

City Hall War, 1894, article on this event by Arapahoe County, click HERE.
7News Article, “Secrets of Colorado: Go Inside the Daniels and Fisher Clocktower on the 16th Street Mall in Denver,” click HERE to download.

Architects of Colorado Database 1875-1950, click HERE.