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The Brown’s arrival in Denver in 1894 converges with local and worldwide events that changed the way people interacted with the world. Margaret “Molly” Brown’s travels to events like the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago helped to usher this global curiosity into Denver. The Under the Lens Series, in conjunction with The World is Changing Exhibit at the Molly Brown House Museum, playfully explores these world-changing topics across four evenings.

On May 23, our Under the Lens topic centers on architecture. We will explore what architecture meant at exhibitions like the World’s Fair and how Denver’s built environment holds its own World’s Fair connections. For this look into architecture, we will meet on the patio of the historic 1892 Flora House on Race Street.

Each Under the Lens event invites guests to experience this detailed look into aspects of the World’s Fair with provided snacks and a beverage with your ticket; adult beverages are available to those 21+.

This event will be hosted at the Flora House 1430 Race Street, Denver

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