Love Old Buildings Expo, Saturday May 18th

12:00pm John Deffenbaugh, President and CEO of Historic Denver, Top 3 Resources We Hope You Steal from Us
12:30 Melanie Short, AIA, How We Restored the Emerson School and Other Maintenance Tips
1:15 Randall Marder, R.M. Design & Construction Inc.
2:15 Diane Travis, Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute, Diagnosing Masonry Failure
3:15 Beth Glandon, Research your Home’s History

1st Floor Exhibitors
Van Camp’s Quality Floors
Radix Design
R.M. Design & Construction
Lapis Arts and Design
Historic Denver Membership

2nd Floor Exhibitors
Heritage For All, History Colorado
Landmark Preservation Commission
Mike Owen, Maintenance and Easements
Beth Glandon, Discover Denver Survey
Colorado Preservation Inc.