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After searching for a prospective buyer for this property, unfortunately none was found. It is the current plan for the building to replaced with a new residence, and our hope is the new building will reflect some of the area’s wonderful past.

Calling All Prospective Home Buyers

Historic photo of Denver's 16th Street with Huffman's name in lights.The former home of Harry Huffman, a 1930s Denver theater mogul and one of Montview Boulevard’s original grand homes is under threat of demolition.

After the owners filed for a demolition permit, the City and County of Denver flagged the home as a potential Landmark. A mediation period was started between the owners and concerned community members. The owners agreed to list the home for sale to seek a buyer who will restore it and give it a new lease on life.

Why It Matters

The house was recognized for its significance as Harry Huffman’s home, a great example of Renaissance Revival Style, for being a familiar sight on Montview, and the construction of Douglas M. Snuff, a notable contractor and builder. Huffman had a major influence on Denver’s theater scene. At one time, he managed almost all theaters in the city and initiated the construction of icons such as the Bluebird and Alladin theaters. A historic photo prominently features his name on the Tabor Theater. The home was constructed by Douglas M. Suggs who was notable for the homes he constructed in Country Club, Driving Park, Park and East Seventh Avenue. If a buyer cannot be found, there is a risk the building will be demolished, and a key part of Park Hill’s history will be lost.

Historic Denver’s Role

Historic Denver has been involved in mediation between the property owners and community members. In response to community concern, the owners agreed to list the building for sale. Historic Denver is promoting the sale listing and supporting the effort to find a buyer who will retain the home and give it a new lease on life.

Get Involved

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