Historic Denver Introduces New Logo After More Than 30 Years 

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New Logo, Renewed Commitment

Historic Denver launched its first new logo in over 30 years, the fourth in the non-profit’s 54-year history.

Historic Denver President & CEO John Deffenbaugh, said: “Inspired by the shape of the city itself, the logo is intended to show that Historic Denver exists to champion the stories of all of Denver’s diverse communities. Our tag line states, “preservation for the people,” and that includes those communities that have been historically underrepresented in Denver and in historic building preservation.”

The pattern within the city outline is an abstraction of the city grid featuring the South Platte River, the Cherry Creek, and Park Avenue as Denver’s first parkway. The confluence of the river and creek is celebrated to acknowledge the peoples and nations who inhabited this land for generations before the establishment of the city that has come to be known as Denver.

The logo unites Historic Denver’s preservation advocacy work with the reason for its founding, the Molly Brown House Museum. Museum Director, Andrea Malcomb, said: “The colorful panes evoke the stained-glass windows at the Molly Brown House, and illuminate how the museum and preservation teams work in tandem to interpret the stories of the past that shape our world today.”

Overlaying the modern city outline with a classic element from building preservation, a stained glass window, illustrates that existing buildings and the stories they tell, remain hugely relevant in modern Denver.

The logo was designed by locally-based graphic designer Zach Kotel of Ashton Design. For further information, please see click here to view the full graphics package.